Dear Black Man: (A Love Letter)

Dear Black Man,

First let me say that I love you, I admire you, and I am proud of you! I know that the world sees you as a threat, but all you are is tired, frustrated, stressed, overworked, and underpaid. The world provokes you, but expects no reaction. They sexualize you, your brothers, and the women in your life, they push your buttons, and degrade you. But understand this: you are a force to be reckoned with, which is why they will forever try and destroy you. You’ve been KING since day one, Kings in your land long ago before being ripped apart from your roots.

With that said, have you ever seen a plant grow after being ripped out of the dirt, away from its roots? NO! But somehow you defy nature, you’re not only growing, but you are producing beautiful fruit and they are growing through you and following in your steps. How can that be? You are the definition of gold, royalty, and strength..

The world is working hard to rip you apart from your Queens, but realize King that without your Queen, you will become more vulnerable in the world. Keep her close, pray together, protect, and build with each other.

King, You are needed… You are valuable.. You are LOVED! I’ve got your back, just lead the way! I trust you!


4 thoughts on “Dear Black Man: (A Love Letter)

  1. Well said, people fail to realize that black men are the backbone of society. Set apart and depreciated, they still tend to thrive. We have to love our black men from nothing, because it is indtinct that we dont stay at nothing. This day in time It is black nature to succeed.

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