My Journey Back Home in 2015

Many people don’t know much about Haitians: some know it’s in the general Caribbean location, but not exactly where – some know about the earthquake in 2010 – some only know about its unfortunate impoverished reputation as the poorest Country in the western Hemisphere. But, if people would take time to do research and seek information for themselves, they would be surprised by what they found.

I left Haiti when I  was pretty young in 1991, at this time so many people despised Haitians and had many misconceptions about us and our culture. My mother made sure that my brother and I kept our culture, native language (Haitian Creole), and pride in tact.

We visited Haiti in 2002, when my grandmother, who moved to Haiti due to old age and failing health, passed away. Although the first trip back home was only 8 days long, we did not have time to explore Haiti, because the purpose was to mourn the death of the pillar of our family. We went back home sad from the loss of my dear grandmother, but also sad from not being able to fully enjoy our return home after 11 years of being in America at the time.

In 2015, we planned a 3 week-long trip back home.. and to fast-forward through the many disappointing moments, overall it was GREAT to be back home. Some things kept us fro traveling around the country as we planned but we stayed in a rural town named Ducis, and it was there that we formed some of the best relationships to date. If I could, I would love to build a big house and live there with my family all close by, but the fact that this place is a 4 hour drive from Port-Au-Prince, where the Airport is located and the roads are not paved, and the lack of electricity makes me uncomfortable. But, to be honest, that was the best I felt in my life. I was away from the distractions, breathed the freshest air I’ve ever felt in my lungs, let the sun kiss my skin, ate the freshest food around, and got to mingle with genuine people everyday. The life was so simple and slower than city life. This was during a dark moment in my life, where I was really depressed and struggling to understand my purpose, so this trip really helped me regain some of my strength. I think it was a mixture of being home, seeing family, but also being humbled by seeing so many others who have so much less than I did, but were still happy and making life work as best as they could. It woke me up!

We explored and got to see things that I had not seen when I was young in Haiti. I can’t wait to do this again, by exploring more rural towns in Haiti and lounge at the beaches this time around. I’ll share some photos from our trip with you guys 🙂

*All photos taken by me on my iPhone, no filters were added to them!*


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