How to Avoid Depression & Anxiety Triggers

*Disclaimer: I am in NO way a therapist, psychologist, or licensed to give advice on depression. I am simply sharing my opinions, thoughts, and advice based solely on my experience.

I got some good reaction and feedback on my previous post “My Depression & What I Learned About Self-Preservation.” I want to share some advice about how to cope because everyday is an uphill battle, but as long at you are willing to do the work and go on the adventure, you WILL overcome the struggles. One of the most dangerous things is falling in and out of depression; it is unhealthy. You must first be real with yourself when evaluating the situation: are you having a bad day or are was it a bad 5 minutes that you’re dragging out? As harsh as that may sound to ask yourself, it is what will ultimately help you, in the end. It’s the new truth that I utilize when judging my own moods.

One thing I did in the past was linger in sadness and sulk in pity, but after I did that, I would be so drained for days. It did nothing for me; what a waste of time! I decided to change my mindset recently: to be more positive in my thoughts and I started using the motto “fake it till you make it.” We have things to do and places to be in life, no time for being stuck in a moments of sadness. You are worthy and strong enough to overcome any obstacle.

Tips on avoiding depression/anxiety triggers:

  • Pray and/or meditate
  • Find hobbies to occupy your free time.
  •  Stop trying to please everyone!
  • Embrace (positive) change!
  • Avoid overthinking: this is a really hard one, but try your best by shifting your thoughts to other things.
  • Don’t put yourself down!
  • Don’t live in the past!
  • Avoid stress and feeling overwhelmed: (measure the importance of the situation stressing you out, it’s most likely not worth it)
  • Visit the doctor: sometimes your body is trying to tell you something.
  • Try to manage your money: believe it or not, money woes are major triggers.
  • Go to the gym, change your diet to get healthy
  • Talk openly to someone you know cares or a therapist! You’re not crazy for seeking help.
  • Avoid substance abuse: this would only make life difficult.
  • Go out more, even if alone!
  • Listen to soft music or white noise at night, this helps with relaxation.
  • Use an oil diffuser while you sleep (I swear by mine) Lavender works wonders! My favorite essential oil mix is Eucalyptus & Peppermint oils because of my migraines.
  • Lastly, learn to not give a *BLEEP* more often! It’s ok, because you are again: PROTECTING YOUR PEACE!

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