What Type of Friend Are You?

As child, I made friends as easy as just saying “Hey, I’m Pam, what’s your name?” I made friends from every walk of life.. Funny, Smart, Nerdy, Mean, Sarcastic, Loyal, Shady.. name them, I befriended them and treated them all the same: lovingly and caring. Are you in a sister circle or in a circus?

As adulthood came creeped up on me, I grew apart from some people. Growing pains, those are never easy, but over time it got easier for me to let people go. I understand that as adults, we all have our own lives and must adapt. But one thing’s for sure, real friends never venture off too far and spend months or even years without speaking or checking on each other. So with that said, I ask you: What Type of Friend Are You? You can be multiple of these, not just one type. Be real with yourself, this might help you grow and mend a broken friendship:

  1. The Loyal BFF: No matter what curve balls come, you are there every step of the way. You make it your business to support, uplift, encourage, and motivate your friend. Keep on being that friend, I hope that you get it in return, too!
  2. The Brutally Honest Friend: You’re the friend who is honest to a fault; you’re the type who can keep it real at all times. Just take sure that your delivery is respectful at all times. Don’t compromise your sense of self, but be kind!
  3. The Selfish Friend: the one who doesn’t make any effort to do anything for their friends. You don’t keep in touch, unless they call you, or unless you need something.. This is not good behavior because in life you give and get for good balance.. Don’t be a taker!
  4. The Passive Friend: Your friends walk all over you. You always have to drive when you guys go out, you are always left out of things when you serve them no purpose, or you let them get away with talking down to you. This is unhealthy, I suggest walking away from those friendships.. They don’t respect you!
  5. The News Anchor (aka the Gossip): We all gossip from time to time, let’s be honest, but if everything that comes out of your mouth is gossip, you may want to check yourself and figure out why you’re this way. You have to find other topics of conversation, my love.
  6. The Comedic Relief: The funny one who usually can break tense situations with a simple joke. You’re genuine and you don’t like drama, so you make jokes about any and everything.. You’re awesome!
  7. The Drama Queen: You’re usually the one in some mess: gossip, arguing, maybe even physical altercations. This isn’t a good trait to possess. We aren’t all made to be the same, of course, but being constantly involved in drama is not healthy for anyone, especially the people around you. Try to tone it down some.
  8. The Risk Taker: You’re the daredevil, you’re down for just about any and everything. You are usually the one everyone is excited to be around! 🙂
  9. The Super Smart One: You’re probably the real life version google in your group. Although it can get annoying, take it as a compliment: they respect you because they know you’re intelligent.
  10. The Nurturer: By nature, you care a lot about people, which sometimes can make you passive or easily taken advantage of. Don’t change who you are, change your environment instead!
  11. The Cry Baby: You’re emotional, you cry a lot, and you are a hot mess sometimes.. You’re me! Ha! Work on limiting the emotions and enjoy life more, cry less.
  12. The Debater: You’re argumentative, not because you’re a drama queen, but mostly because you like debating/discussing topics because you’re either arrogant, passionate, or BOTH. Don’t lose that spark, but don’t be so arrogant that people can’t stand to be around you.
  13. The Palm Tree aka SHADY ONE: You’re the type of friend who is always throwing shade. You don’t really care much for anyone, but you just hang around. You are never really happy for anyone and usually give out backhanded compliments like “that’s a cute dress, but it would look better on me.” Nobody wants to be around that, please check that attitude at the door! Being happy for others brings good karma to you!
  14. The Life of the Party: We all know one: the one who is the first on the dance floor, last to leave. The one who probably has the most social life out of your friends; the social butterfly. Keep living life, and be safe doing so! 🙂
  15. The Motivational Speaker: You always have so much positive things to say. Your friends love you for that! Keep it up and make sure you push yourself to your fullest potential as well.

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