How I Take Care of My Skin

I am complimented on my skin a lot, so I want to share my new skin care routine with you guys. I  can honestly say that I was genetically blessed with really good skin, because of my mom; she has really good skin. I never had to do much; my routine was just wash my face and moisturize. I want to do more for my skin because it is my favorite feature, haha!

The only thing is that I have really sensitive skin, which sometimes causes me to have stress bumps once in a while but have never had skin problems like acne. Because of this, I will not give advice about acne, instead I just want to share how I keep my face and complexion clean. Have just recently started wearing makeup and it is starting to cause me to have little bumps on my face. Makeup coupled with stress is kryptonite to my skin.

Rule 1: Never ever sleep in your makeup! Your pores won’t be happy in the morning. Even if you’re really sleepy, do your best in taking off at least the foundation from your face.

  1. I remove my makeup with Micellar Cleansing Water. I seriously have no idea what life’s been like before this stuff; it’s a miracle in a bottle, no hard scrubbing, just use large cotton pads and wipe away!
    1. (I’m sure any brand is fine: purchase one that removes waterproof mascara) landscape-1439483238-micellar-waters
  2. I exfoliate with St. Ives Even and Bright Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange Scrub $4 14917092
  3. I wash my face with Olay Gentle Clean Foaming Face Cleaner (Sensitive Skin) 13108840
  4. I just purchased Advance Clinicals Tea Tree Oil from TJ Maxx, but you can buy it on Amazon. Prices vary, but typically under $12 for a nice sized (1.8 fl oz) bottle.
    1. So far I like it, but I will give you guys a thorough update on how that’s working for me, in a week or so.91RDMycYNKL._SY355_
  5. I moisturize Olay Complete all day moisturizer: Moisturizing is important11140341
  6. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! (I need to do better too) Water keeps skin radiant. water splash in a glass

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