Hey, Woman.. (A Letter to my Current Self)

Woman.. let’s talk a bit!

You are so hard on yourself.. you sometimes don’t trust yourself.. you neglect yourself.. you mistreat yourself.. Take a step back and look at yourself and all you’ve done, woman!

I know you feel that the world disrespects you. People misuse you; they see you but don’t notice your essence. You are eager to help people and give freely unto them, yet so neglectful of yourself.. You’re hurting.. so much  pain.. your heart is broken, and you haven’t yet found a way to fix it, but you walk about fixing the hearts of those who don’t care for themselves.. Why, woman? You are a gem, woman! You are a queen, woman.

You doubt yourself so much that you’ve even stopped trusting yourself, woman. Remember when God used the word “peculiar” to describe you? Remember when God said that He had great things in store for you? How come you didn’t believe Him, woman?

Remember when you gave all of yourself to someone you loved, only to be disappointed? I remember.. you haven’t been the same since, woman! You’re cheating yourself, woman! Why did you allow someone to destroy the aura and essence that God created, woman? You’ve built a wall, a facade as a mean girl to the wold, but those closest to you know truly: you’re a gem, woman. Clean it up, woman. Mourn the past and move on, woman!

People come into your life for a purpose: good or bad, but it doesn’t define you, woman. Allow yourself to make mistakes and grow, woman. Nobody is perfect!

Your life has been one hell of a road.. you’ve clearly been scarred, woman, but allow yourself to heal woman, no more self-pity, no more endless tears on your pillows at night, no more self-neglect, woman! You’ve accomplished so much, woman. Learn to celebrate all victories: small and large, because you are a walking miracle, woman. God’s special design.. one-of-a-kind.. The universe only has one of you, woman..

That time when he hurt you, it was not in your control, woman.. learn to truly forgive, regardless if you receive an apology or not; the world is not yours to carry! Give your worries to The Lord, woman..

Woman.. allow yourself to grow, flourish, and be happy.. Remember, seeds grow best when some bulls*t has been added to their environment.. Push through, woman.. You’re strong, woman.. Don’t change who you are, how you love, or how you care, woman. Just ease up, woman.. Take it easy, woman.. And live freely, regardless of what others have to say, woman! Don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re too much, when you’re enough, woman..

You can, You shall, You will succeed, woman!

Hey, woman.. you’re the sh*t, woman!


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