Coupon Code: Quick Savings on Love & Loyalty?

What’s really going on in the dating world today?

See, the issue with the world today is that people are so ready to take whatever is free and beneficial to them; not having to work hard for anything. When you have coupon codes available for just about everything these days, you get used to quick and cheap. People refuse to work hard these days; the simpler the better is the mindset. If people really understood that quality costs more for a reason, they’d get further in life. People are easily jumping from one relationship to the next, unattached and unphased, because they don’t take their time to understand that there is no coupon code for love. There’s no short cut and no quick savings. You need to work hard for the quality things you want in life, correct? Why not work hard on building love, trust, loyalty with someone, instead of jumping from mate to mate and end up with no substance or stability by the time you’re 35? This generation seeks simplicity because it’s what we’ve been programmed to do: let your devices think for you; find the shortcuts to things..

Don’t get so caught up on quick and easy that you miss out on quality when seeking love.

Peace, Love, and Blessings.. xoxo


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