The dictionary definition of a Queen is: the female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth. Being a queen is something all women have within, but must master the power over time. Let’s say that this independent state is your life, goals, and dreams. Nothing is more powerful than waking up in the morning, planting your feet on the ground, and realizing that your existence is a miracle everyday. Someone, somewhere relies on what you have to offer.

What’s my definition of “queening”? Queening is the act of standing strong in the face of adversity no matter what life throws your way..

Life can be difficult, stressful, and even messy at times, but the best thing about you, Queen, is that you’re still here walking with your head held high, naturally beautiful from within, and fighting best fight of your life. You’re juggling life like a pro: whether it is work, school, running a business, being responsible for a family of your own, or all of the above, you’re doing it. Make no mistake, Queen, you will have moments of sadness, stress, discouragement, but you always make it out alive and stronger than ever because you have so much fight left in you. How could God not work hard on you when you’re a direct reflection of what He saw in Himself? God thought so highly of you, Queen that He created you to leave your imprint on this beautiful planet we call home.

Allow me to create an image for you: We all start off as a raw pile of clay, slowly being worked into a beautiful vessel that God has a special purpose for; be aware that some of us take longer to be worked because masterpieces are rarely finished quickly; they take longer because they are peculiar, and no two are alike. Allow God to work you, leaving His fingerprints on you, smoothing you out, making you beautiful, while never forgetting that clay must be put into heat to be completed.

This is our season of being in a hot kiln; God is allowing us to go through the fire, but when our time comes I will come out of the fire (our obstacles) strong, beautiful, and full of purpose.

Queen, you’re more than just a being who is here to live and die; you have something more powerful to live for, you are full of purpose, full of success, full of prosperity. Walk with your head high, regardless of what life throws your way, you’re royalty! Wear your crown and be proud of the woman you are and will become. Love you, xoxo. – Pam

“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.”  -Oprah Winfrey


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