Why Social Recharge is Necessary..

To be honest, this blog post is supposed to serve as a reminder to me of what to do, but feel free to apply them to your life.

It’s okay to want some space from your social life. Sometimes, your mind is flooded with thoughts and your life gets so hectic that you get overwhelmed. Allow yourself to be refreshed, taking mental and social breaks from the world is actually very healthy.

This is not to say if you have children, to neglect them and dump them off on someone else because you are recharging. This is to say, if you need a break from work, take your sick days and do whatever you want with them; take a trip to the spa, if you need it to relax; read that book; visit that new restaurant; binge watch that show; etc.. As long as you get to take some time alone, away from your triggers and stresses, it will make you feel better.

We live in a crowded world.. 7 billion people.. We are surrounded by them all day everyday.. Their presence, their scent, their thoughts, their opinions; it’s just too much! You are allowed to want to be alone sometimes. Whether it’s a few hours, days, weeks, or even months: RECHARGE!

The people who love you and care for you the most will understand how important this is; if not, explain it to them. Your need to recharge is not only good for you, but really good for the people around you, as well. Alone time is necessary for peace, maturity, and growth.

Suggestions on how to recharge:

  1. Take a social media break: This is crucial, because social media is draining. It has become the new normal in our lives; we’ve become addicted. We see, watch, and read so much on social media that we begin to feel out of touch with the reality of the world around us. We are missing out because our heads are always down in our phones.
  2. Get creative: Try new things.. Take a painting class, or cooking class, write poetry or journal entries, anything that’ll get your creative juices flowing. You never know, it may turn out to be something you’re really good at.
  3. Relax: This is an important one. We often feel condemned for taking it easy. People like to act as if staying busy is the thing to do, when in fact, we need time to recuperate. Pull out your favorite blanket and movie, get comfy on the couch and relax. Take a bubble bath, eat your favorite foods; whatever your hear desires. Also, an hour massage at the spa doesn’t sound so bad does it?
  4. Listen to music: This is one of my favorite! I’d spend an hour after work, in my car, in front of my home listening to music until I felt that I let go of the stress of my workday before I went in to my family. Don’t simply listen to the music, get involved: listen to the lyrics, sing loudly, dance wildly, and try not to skip songs (you may discover a new song that you can’t get enough of).
  5. WRITE: Take time out to write how you’re feeling, what you’re doing to better your life; journaling or blogging are very therapeutic. You can even take time to write in your planner or budget book, if it doesn’t stress you out to do so.
  6. Book a trip: It can be as close or as far as you like.. just take some time to be away!
  7. Be kind to YOURSELF: This is one that I need to remind myself to do, often. I am not always nice to myself; I am my toughest critic! I am learning ways to speak positives and affirmations to myself out loud. I am my best self when I am physically rested, happy, and recharged: physically, emotionally, and mentally.
  8. Do NOTHING: You may just need to be in a silent room with no music, no distractions, no people, etc.. DO IT!

Whatever you decide to do with your free time away from everyone, no matter how long you decide it to be, do it GUILT-FREE!


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