I Forgot Who the *Bleep* I Was…

Sometimes the smallest events or things from our past can remind us of the good in ourselves. I never forgot that I was and am a good woman. Because, that is who I am naturally.. but sometimes people who spent two split seconds with you and have ill intentions will try to treat you like crap, then project that nastiness onto you and blame you for their shortcomings, when all you were doing is NOT settling all along.  Continue reading I Forgot Who the *Bleep* I Was…


Live Your Life!

I’ve come to realize that all of the taboo things come from people and their lack of understanding, miseducation, and their fears create these “rules” of ways to live. We are all individuals with personalities like fingerprints, everyone has a different one. If God created you to be a free spirit, be that! If God created you to be a leader, be that! God will assure you of the way He wants you to live; those personal convictions you feel, that’s God in your conscience telling you what’s right and wrong. Don’t ignore those, but don’t project them on to anyone else. Continue reading Live Your Life!

Why Celibacy Could Be Good For Your Relationship

First of all, let’s not pretend that it’s going to be easy to do. There are urges, there will be tempting situations (especially when you two are alone), and there will be second guessing about the decision itself. Celibacy is not something you just turn on, just for the sake of saying you are celibate; it requires real commitment. It is one of the hardest things to commit to in life. Continue reading Why Celibacy Could Be Good For Your Relationship

When God Isn’t Pleased, You’d Better Fix It..

when you sense The Lord speaking into your soul about how unhappy or disappointed He is in you, you’d better do whatever it takes to fix it. Spiritually speaking, we cannot thrive without God’s approval of what we do. If we are seeking to make things right within ourselves without first seeking the approval of God, we are doing it in vain. Continue reading When God Isn’t Pleased, You’d Better Fix It..