When the Heart & Mind Are In A Tug-of-War…

Conflict of the heart and mind will make you incapable of making decisions, create frustration and tension, and most likely have you lashing out. Conflict of the mind and heart have taken a toll on me and it is causing me to be counterproductive, disorganized, and stressed. I don’t need that kind of energy… Continue reading When the Heart & Mind Are In A Tug-of-War…


Are They Worth Missing?

Don’t be a slave to “LOVE” or your emotions. Be rational in how you ALLOW people to interact with you; let emotions take a backseat to the journey. I’ve come to learn that the more emotion you expose too soon, the more people will know how to hurt you. The easiest way to move on is to take time for yourself. Continue reading Are They Worth Missing?

When God Isn’t Pleased, You’d Better Fix It..

when you sense The Lord speaking into your soul about how unhappy or disappointed He is in you, you’d better do whatever it takes to fix it. Spiritually speaking, we cannot thrive without God’s approval of what we do. If we are seeking to make things right within ourselves without first seeking the approval of God, we are doing it in vain. Continue reading When God Isn’t Pleased, You’d Better Fix It..

Are You OK With Being Flawed?

How many of us can honestly admit our flaws? How often do we take time to seek our flaws and work on them as much as we do with our strengths just to brag about them? Admitting your flaws to yourself can be one of the most hurtful things to do. At times, the rude awakening comes when someone we love points them out. When we see the ugliness of ourselves, we get defensive and think people are judging us. I’ve been guilty of this before; we all have. Continue reading Are You OK With Being Flawed?